A Passive House requires as little as 10 percent of the energy used by typical central European buildings – meaning an energy savings of up to 90 percent! In terms of heating oil, Passive Houses use less than 1.5 litres per square meter. Vast savings have also been demonstrated in warm climates where buildings typically require active cooling throughout the summer. As energy savings equals emissions reductions, the Passive House is a sustainable alternative to conventional construction.

TIltco Passive Houses Windows and Doors help to keep your house cool and energy efficient, meaning that you save the money that would have gone towards larger heating and cooling bills.
Add Tiltco's passive house windows and doors to your long-term energy savingplan, let it help create a good investment: both for your wallet and our climate.


Achieving a decrease in heating energy consumption, there needs to be a shift in the construction and design in a building/home. In order to achieve this, there are a number of techniques and technologies are used in combination.

In order to achieve the Passive house standards with windows, the whole window including the frame need to be manufactured with exceptionally high R-values(low U-values, typically 0.85 to 0.70 W/(m².K). This usually contains triples pane insulating glazing (with a good solar heat-gain coefficient, low e coatings,sealed argon or krypton gas filled inter-pane voids, and 'warm edge' insulating glass spacers) with air-seals and specially developed thermally broken window frames.

Tiltco offers the e8000 Passive House, with a construction depth of 85mm, is designed especially for a new building segments and convinces with top insulation values.The building performance may also be applied to many residential and commercila buildings; office buildings, schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, gyms, churches, fire stations.


The many benefits of Passive House construction over regular Canadian Building Code construction include:

• Better Indoor Air Quality 
• Increased Thermal Comfort
• Amazing Sound Insulation 
• Unbelievable Energy Efficiency 
• Durable
• Little/ No Maintenance
• Resilient 
• Sustainable
• Versatile
• Embraced Worldwide