Passive Houses may be known for their drastically lower energy use and associated energy costs, but it is the level of comfort they offer that their residents appreciate most. Tiltco Passive House windows and doors do extremely well to create insulated buildings. This is created through out triple glazed windows and insulated frames to keep the desired warmth or lack thereof inside.
The ventilation systems in Passive Houses consistently supply fresh air, making for superior indoor air quality. The air in a Passive House never gets stale or stuffy as it does in typical homes when the windows are left unopened. The ventilation systems found using Tiltco Passive House windows and doors provide plentiful fresh, pollen-free and dust-free air. This maximises comfort for all, especially for those with allergies or respiratory problems.
The pleasant temperatures within Tiltco Passive Houses using Tiltco Passive House windows and doors is the quality ventilation that prevents moisture build up, putting a stop to both the condensation that commonly forms along window frames and mould growth. With over 40,000 Passive Houses in use worldwide, the Tiltco Passive House windows and doors are gaining popularity. This is not only due to the outstanding advantages that Tiltco Passive House has to offer, but also due to its design flexibility.

The overall concept is retaining the best quality window and door products according to designers and builders preferences. The versatile Passive House windows and doors are increasingly being used in retrofits as well as for non-residential buildings; schools, administrative buildings, manufacturing plants and hotels.


The many benefits of Passive House construction over regular Canadian Building Code construction include:

• Better Indoor Air Quality 
• Increased Thermal Comfort
• Amazing Sound Insulation 
• Unbelievable Energy Efficiency 
• Durable
• Little/ No Maintenance
• Resilient 
• Sustainable
• Versatile
• Embraced Worldwide